SILK Medical supports afflicted people

SILK Medical is an international clinic. People from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and Latvia are part of our friendly team. And our nationalities or different languages ​​do not prevent us from doing one big thing – to provide you with quality medical care.

Our position is unanimous: in the 21st century, state borders and sovereignty must be observed, disputes must be resolved through negotiations, and the desires/preferences of the people must be reflected in fair elections and referendums. We are unconditionally against any military actions and violence, because human casualties and economic ruins are their only outcomes.

Like everyone else, we hope that this senseless war will end. In the meantime we want to make an effort to help the civilians. Starting March 2022, 5% of all SILK Medical’s monthly revenue will go to charitable foundations to support victims in Ukraine. We will also provide free medical advice for refugees from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Let there be peace!