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IVF programs

IVF programs

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Some couples face many problems that hinder the conception of a baby. There are various reasons for not getting pregnant, some of which are either untreatable or undetermined (e.g., infertility of unclear genesis). However, thanks to the methods of modern medicine, infertility is not an issue! To help the future parents comes in-vitro fertilization – a kind of assisted reproductive technology that allows carrying out fertilization in artificial conditions and cultivating the embryo for transfer.

Types of programs

It is accepted to distinguish standard IVF programs due to their features. Consider the most common.


  1. IVF programs with own oocytes

1.1 IVF in the natural cycle

The program is considered the most gentle, since the body is minimally affected due to the absence of additional hormonal therapy to stimulate ovulation. But for this reason the program can be implemented in limited cases: it is necessary to have your own ovulation. According to the results of the examination, the  reproductologist confirms the possibility of producing oocytes without hormones.

In all other cases, hormonal stimulation of ovulation is obligatory and accompanies any program.

1.2 IVF with embryo cryotransfer


The embryo cryotransfer it is its freezing and storage. It is not always possible to transfer an embryo after it has reached five days growth (or the final stage of the blastocyst). The indications for cryotransfer:

– the need for preimplantation genetic testing of embryos. According to world statistics, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in an embryo cultured from the biological material of patients who have reached the age of 35 years or more is significantly increased. To minimize these risks, it is recommended to send the embryo for genetic testing, which takes about 3 weeks. Accordingly, during this period, the embryo cannot be transferred, and therefore must be frozen until the test results are received;

– the patient’s endometrium is not prepared and is neither prepared nor conducive to the development of the embryo: it does not correspond to the parameters of thickness or structure. In this case, during the embryo transfer, the patient under the supervision of a reproductologist improves the condition of the endometrium for future transfer;

– postponed motherhood. The patient undergoes IVF, the recieved embryos are frozen and waiting for the patient to be ready to become a mother;

– force majeure circumstances that delay pregnancy: acute respiratory infections, exacerbation of chronic diseases, personal circumstances, etc.


  1. Program with donor material (oocytes or sperm)

The use of donor material is dictated by medical indications and is expressed in the inability of using the patient’s own oocytes or the sperm of her partner / spouse, and in some cases – both oocytes and sperm. In such cases, appropriate donors of the biological material are used for embryo cultivation.

SILK Medical Center carefully treats the selection of donors, including not only a medical examination, but also psychological testing. This ensures the high quality of the resulting material.


  1. IVF program + surrogacy program

This type of program is used in the case when a woman is medically unable to bear a child. The list of indications for surrogate motherhood is quite extensive, starting with the obvious absence of the uterus and ending with diseases of other organs that affect the process of gestation. At the appointment, the reproductologist, after analyzing the anamnesis, determines whether there are indications for this program.

How to choose a suitable program

Future parents wonder which IVF program will suit them best and what is the probability of a positive result. Only an experienced doctor can give detailed answers and suggest solutions to existing problems. The SILK Medical clinic employs highly qualified specialists, who regularly improve their professional skills and knowledge. Infertility treatment is one of the priority areas of the clinic. Medical center is equipped with advanced equipment of expert class. This allows us to perform any volume of diagnostic and therapeutic measures of different levels of complexity.

You can make an appointment at the SILK Medical clinic by calling or leaving contact for a feedback on the website.


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